Help Patient Engage & Act on Your Instructions Before and After Surgery
What we do

At FavorHealth, our mission is to help physicians & health systems improve communications, compliance & outcomes for their patients. Amie provides patients with a convenient mobile tool that helps them comply with doctor's instructions & avoid delays in care, reduce complications and minimize readmissions. Amie also allows the care team to follow their patients' progress and intervene whenever appropriate to keep patients on track. When patients feel confident in their ability to prepare for their procedure and supported while they recover, good things happen!

The Problem

Historically, patients have received static paper pre- & post-op instructions, which are frequently ignored, misinterpreted, misplaced, or incorrectly followed. This can result in unfortunate outcomes for everyone -- the Patient, the Physician, and the Hospital.

Pain for Everyone


  • Limited Communications & Unanswered Questions/Frustration
  • Non-compliance with instructions potentially resulting in Delays in Treatment


  • Cancelled Surgeries
  • Excess Calls & Visits
  • Low Patient Satisfaction
  • Protocol Optimization Compromised


  • OR Inefficiencies/Lost Revenue
  • Unnecessary Readmissions
  • Poor Patient Engagement
  • Poor Outcomes & Complications

A Better Solution

Amie brings patients' pre-operative and post-operative instructions into the digital age.
Instructions & Ackowledgements
Physician-Directed Messages
Pain Score Reporting
Pictures of Wound Site
Surgical Care Team Dashboard
Links to Provider Website or Content
Links to Educational Content / Video

The Solution

Amie provides surgeons with a digital platform to customize pre- & post-op instructions.

Patients receive interactive reminders, communication tools, & a better, safer overall experience.