Help Patient Engage & Act on Your Instructions Before and After Surgery

Help Patients Engage & Act on Your Instructions Before & After Surgery

Avoid Cancellations

Minimize Readmissions

Improve Outcomes

Engage Patients

Amie provides your patients with real-time instructions to help them prepare for and recover from surgery.

Automated instructions, education, & communications.

Collection of pain scores & wound site images.

Surgical team dashboard to monitor patient progress before & after surgery.

Request a copy of our clinical study published in Operative Neurosurgery

Providing patients with a better way to prepare for and recover from surgery is effective. Prepared patients have fewer cancellations. Engaged patients recover more quickly and have fewer readmissions.

Happy patient

Just positive thoughts about Amie, I sent a picture of my wound and got a call from Dr. V immediately to tell me what to do.... The communication was amazing!!! No questions, just thanks.